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  •  Skew Bundle #1 Uber
    $415.00 Skew Bundle #1 Uber
    Here is Alan's ultimate offering:  the Uber Skews in 1 3/8" and 5/8" widths combined with his two dvd's on the skew, The Skew Chisel and Son of Skew.  The skews are made from one of the most expensive tool steels...

    $26.95 Book: Alan Lacer's Woodturning Projects and Techniques (Free U.S. shipping)
    Signed and dated copy, this book represents forty articles written by Alan over a fifteen year period for American Woodworker magazine.    Projects such as lamps, bowls, boxes, fishing lures, stools, Christmas...

  • Stoppers
    $8.95 Bottle Stoppers by Mary Lacer
    These bottle stoppers are designed by Mary Lacer and made in Wisconsin.  They have an aluminum base with FDA nitrite o-rings and are powder coated available in 3 colors - candy apple red, sapphire blue and metallic...

  • Burnisher Kit
    $27.00 Burnisher Kit
    Metal parts to create your own style of burnisher.  Rod is 3/8" diameter  2.5" long polished carbide.  The ferrule is solid stainless steel.  Wood is NOT included. Used in traditional woodworking to...

  • Decorating Elf Texture Tool
    $59.00 Decorating Elf Texturing Tool
    The Decorating Elf texturing tools is one of the most versatile of such tools on the market today.  I find it works best on end-grain, and especially hard end-grain woods like hard maple, Osage orange and many exotics...

  • Door Knob Kit
    $21.95 Door Knob Kit
    Interior door knob kit for turning your own custom knobs. Metal parts for creating the shape and sizes of knobs using your own wood. Wood is not included in this kit. Comes with a 1/4" square shank spindle that must...

  • Glaser Screw Chuck
    $155.00 Choose Options Glaser Screw Chuck
    The very best screw chuck on the market.  Designed by Jerry Glaser, this versatile chuck allows for three different base sizes.   The sharp high speed steel screw has remarkable holding powers.  No other...

  • Large Base for Glaser Screw Chuck  (shown on left)
    $65.00 Glaser Screw Chuck Large Base
    An optional accessory to the Glaser Screw Chuck.  This gives two additional base diameters, simply by flipping which end goes onto the body of the chuck.  This gives  approximate base diameters of 4.5" and 5...

  • Hamlet 1/2" Bowl Gouge Handled
    $69.00 Hamlet 1/2" Bowl Gouge Handled
    Hamlet of Sheffield's 1/2 high speed steel bowl gouge made from a 5/8" diameter rod.   The 1/2" designation is the English measurement system of gouges--in North America this would be a 5/8" gouge...

  • 3/4" Spindle Roughing Gouge unhandled
    $46.00 $32.00 Hamlet 3/4" Spindle Roughing Gouge UNHANDLED
    The Hamlet of Sheffield 3/4" spindle roughing gouge without handle, made from M2 high speed steel.NOT FOR FACE-GRAIN BOWL/VESSEL TURNING!A versatile tool for roughing smaller diameter spindle pieces  (long-grain...

  • Hamlet Lacer Signature 5/8" KRYO HSS  IN STOCK AGAIN!
    $99.00 Hamlet Lacer Signature 5/8" KRYO HSS IN STOCK AGAIN!
    This is the 5/8" wide  (lower image in picture) that is made from M2 HSS but has undergone the treatment of cryogenics--extreme cold applied between tempers.  This gives a more uniform structure of the steel,...

  • Hamlet Lacer Signature Skew  1 3/8" KRYO HSS   IN STOCK AGAIN!
    $142.00 Hamlet Lacer Signature Skew 1 3/8" KRYO HSS IN STOCK AGAIN!
    This is the M2 HSS skew in 1 3/8" width  (shown in top of picture) that I have carried for many years, but has undergone the process of cryogenics (extreme low temperature) between tempers.  This leads to a more...

  • Hamlet/Henry Taylor Little Sister Hollowing Tool
    $85.00 Hamlet Little Sister Hollowing Tool
    This is a wonderful tool for smaller hollowing operations.  It is primarily a tool for end-grain hollowing with such projects as lidded boxes, goblets, smaller end-grain bowls and vessels.   It has a limiter...

  • Nine inch handle with 3/8" opening
    $54.00 Handle 9"
    This is a wonderful small handle for all of your 3/8" diameter round-shank turning tools. The overall length is just over 9".   It will also take some flat tang tools but it will be a question of testing to fit (for...

  • Ice Cream Scoop Kit parts
    $14.00 Ice Cream Scoop Kit DO NOT ORDER: OUT OF STOCK FOREVER! Ask Rockler to make them again.

  • Lacer Box Scraper Unhandled
    $47.00 Lacer Box Scraper Unhandled
    A 3/4" wide scraper profiled for cutting the mortise on turned lidded boxes.  Made in M2 high speed steel, the corners are softened and the top is flattened to accept fine burrs. One of the most critical parts...

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