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Robust Tool of Wisconsin

A Wisconsin company making outstanding lathes, tool rests and live centers

  • Robust Live Center set with cones
    $179.00 Robust Live Center Set with Cones
    This a combination of the Robust live center with two different sized cones that thread onto the center.  One advantage of this live center is that the center point can be pulled out further when clearance for smaller...

  • Robust Quick Change Collet System Parts
    $109.00 Robust Quick Change Tool Collet System
    Note:  Metal parts only, no handle or wood included with this system. The wood handle showing the collet holder and tool are just for illustration of the idea.  If you like the feel of wood for a quick change...

  • Robust Ring drive with outside larger ring  (two pieces, sold as a set).
    $73.00 Robust Ring drive with additional larger ring #2 MT
    Sold as a two-piece set, this driving system in a #2 Morse taper gives all of the benefits of the regular ring drive but with the ability to add a larger oustide ring.  This allows for the turning of considerably larger...

  • Roust ring drive in headstock
    $49.00 Robust Ring/Safety Driver #2MT
    New from Robust is this ring drive for the headstock in a #2 Morse taper.  Sometimes called a safety driver or cup drive, technically it is a small ring drive that drives from a sharp rim driven into the wood.  The...

  • Robust Live Center Cone Set
    $69.00 Robust Live Center Cone Set
    A two-cone set for the Robust Live Center.  Sold only as a set of two.  One is a pointed cone  (max. diameter is 1 1/4", length is 1 1/2") while the other is a large bullnose type cone (max. diameter 4", 1...

  • Robust Live Center
    $119.00 Robust Live Center
    A quality made live center in #2 Morse Taper.   Machined and assembled in the U.S.  The center point can be removed  (leaving a 7/16" through hole) or flipped to present a flat 3/8" diameter pad when a...

  • American Beauty, sliding head lathe, 25" swing
    $8,995.00 Robust Lathes (Seven year warranty). February Sale!CONTACT ALAN FOR PURCHASING INFO
    Robust lathes, made in Wisconsin, are machines with strength and quality that are turning heads everywhere.   WITH A SEVEN YEAR WARRANTY BUMPER TO BUMPER  (HEADSTOCK TO TAILSTOCK) FOR EVERYTHING, EVEN THE...