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Oneway Products of Canada

Excellent company making premium lathes, faceplates, grinding systems, bowl coring systems, and much more. 

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  • Wolverine Grinding System
    $104.00 Oneway Wolverine Sharpening System
    This has become the standard for a solid, basic grinding system for the woodturner.  It comes with two bases that mount under the grinder, one flat platform and a long V arm.  Additional pieces can be added such at...

  • Larger Safe Driver or ring drive
    $47.00 Oneway Large Ring/Safe Driver #2 MT
    This is a larger version of the standard Oneway Ring/Safe Driver in a #2 Morse taper. The "standard" size is 5/8" in diameter while this one is 7/8".  This will give more driving power for larger pieces.  This...

  • Oneway Talon Chuck BODY only with insert
    $185.00 Choose Options Oneway Talon Chuck BODY ONLY with insert
    This is the versatile Oneway Talon chuck body only but with threaded insert.   This allows you to use different jaws without changing jaws or buying a complete extra chuck. What is missing:  the worm screw...

  • Oneway Stronghold Chuck BODY ONLY with insert
    $247.00 $237.00 Choose Options Oneway Stronghold Chuck BODY ONLY WITH insert
    One of the very best chucks on the market today is the Oneway Stronghold.  This chuck revolutionized woodturner's chucks by using a key rather than two bars, an interchangeable insert (to use on different lathes, rather...

  • Oneway Short Handle
    $54.00 Oneway 12" Interchangeable Handle
    This is the Oneway interchangeable handle, approximately 12" in length.  It is made of a durable steel core covered by a hard plastic with nylon strands woven in the plastic.  At one end is a 5/8" opening and the...

  • Oneway Long Handle
    $63.00 Oneway 17.5" Interchangeable Handle
    A great interchangeable handle for round shank tools and some flat tang tools  (a question of testing to fit).  This long handle is approximately 17.5" in length.  One end has an 1/2" opening while the other...

  • Oneway Solid Stainless Steel 3" Faceplate
    $71.00 Choose Options Oneway Solid Stainless Steel 3" Faceplate
    The ultimate 3" faceplate made from one piece of solid stainless steel.  Stainless steel is excellent for green woodturning as it does not rust.  It also has six holes for increased holding capacity.  It...

  • Overview of Termite tool with cutter, shaft and maple handle.
    $104.00 Oneway Termite Tool Complete Kit
    A ring type tool from Oneway of Canada.  This is an end-grain hollowing tool that is excellent for finish cuts on tough to cut cleanly, dry end-grain projects.   This bundle comes with a maple handle,...

  • Oneway Talon Chuck WITH INSERT
    $266.74 $257.00 Choose Options Oneway Talon Chuck WITH INSERT
    The Oneway Talon Chuck is an excellent choice for smaller lathes.  The threaded insert is included!  Includes the heavy duty worm type screw for chucking into a drilled hole. One of the most compact and...

  • Oneway Stronghold Chuck WITH INSERT
    $329.99 $318.00 Choose Options Oneway Stronghold Chuck WITH INSERT
    The Oneway Stronghold Chuck for heavier machines and work.  Comes with a heavy duty worm screw drive  (screws into a predrilled hole in the blank) and a  threaded  insert  for your lathe. This...

  • Oneway Drillwizard in use
    $132.00 Oneway Drill Wizard OUT OF STOCK
    An amazing jig system for accurately drilling angles on spindles and face work  (such as stool seats).  It requires an indexing head lathe and a 1" stem banjo/tool rest base.  Drill and lathe not included...

  • Oneway Stronghold #2 Tower Jaws
    $59.00 Oneway Stronghold #2 Tower Jaws
    Deep #2 Tower Jaws for the Oneway Stronghold Chuck.  Gripping range internal is 2" to 3 3/4".   These have "Profiled Jaws" for greater holding power and larger gripping surface than even...

  • Oneway Talon Spigot Jaws
    $41.00 $40.00 Oneway Talon Spigot Jaws
    Small jaws for the Oneway Talon chuck, with smooth internal gripping, serrated on outside for mounting into a drilled hole.Small smooth jaws for the Oneway Talon chuck. 

  • Oneway Stronghold #1 Jaws
    $56.00 Oneway Stronghold #1 Jaws
    These serrated small jaws for the Oneway Stronghold chuck are excellent for holding small work.  Range of gripping on the inside of these jaws:  3/8" to 1 7/8".Excellent choice for small work.  These jaws...

  • Oneway Live Center Set #2MT WITH CONES
    $136.00 Oneway Live Center Set #2MT WITH CONES
    Simply the best live center set on the market.  This is the #2 Morse taper version.  Comes with the center, pointed cone center, large cone, removable point, locking/ knockoutbar.A premium live center set that is...

    $0.00 Oneway Lathes (C0NTACT ALAN FOR PURCHASING INFO)
    Outstanding lathes in a variety of sizes and prices.   Please contact me for a competitive quote on these lathes. Exact freight is added to the price of the lathe.If you are looking for a quality made lathe, made...

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