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  • Hamlet 13" Tool handle, 1/2" opening
    $62.00 Hamlet 13" Interchangeable Tool Handle 1/2" hole
    A 13" interchangeable tool handle for round shank tools 1/2" in diameter.  It is possible to fit some flat-tang tools into the 1/2" opening, but it will be a test to fit operation.  The steel core is covered with a...

  • Nine inch handle with 3/8" opening
    $54.00 Hamlet 9" Interchangeable Handle 3/8" hole
    This is a wonderful small handle for all of your 3/8" diameter round-shank turning tools. The overall length is just over 9".   It will also take some flat tang tools but it will be a question of testing to fit (for...

  • Robust Quick Change Collet System Parts
    $109.00 Robust Quick Change Tool Collet System
    Note:  Metal parts only, no handle or wood included with this system. The wood handle showing the collet holder and tool are just for illustration of the idea.  If you like the feel of wood for a quick change...