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  • Robust Live Center set with cones
    $158.00 Robust Live Center Set with Cones
    This a combination of the Robust live center with two different sized cones that thread onto the center.  One advantage of this live center is that the center point can be pulled out further when clearance for smaller...

  • Skew Brass Belt Buckle and Key Fob
    $44.00 Skew Brass Belt Buckle and Key Fob
    If you want to go all out, try the solid brass belt buckle and key fob.  All designed by Alan and made in the USA!   The belt buckle is approximately 3.75" long and 2.25" wide.  The key fob is approximately 2...

  • Skew Brass Key Fob
    $14.00 Skew Brass Key Fob
    Okay, if the skew belt buckle is too much, try the same design on a solid brass key fob.  Designed by Alan and made in the USA--for a change!

  • Skew Belt Buckle
    $31.00 Skew Belt Buckle
    Here a new one for you:  a real solid brass skew belt buckle--designed by Alan and made in the USA!   It measures approximately 3 3/4" long and 2 1/4" wide.  Show your pride in woodturning by strutting around...

  • Wolverine Grinding System
    $92.00 Oneway Wolverine Sharpening System
    This has become the standard for a solid, basic grinding system for the woodturner.  It comes with two bases that mount under the grinder, one flat platform and a long V arm.  Additional pieces can be added such at...

  • Larger Safe Driver or ring drive
    $42.00 $41.00 Oneway Large Ring/Safe Driver #2 MT
    This is a larger version of the standard Oneway Ring/Safe Driver in a #2 Morse taper. The "standard" size is 5/8" in diameter while this one is 7/8".  This will give more driving power for larger pieces.  This...

  • Hamlet 1/8" wide parting tool HANDLED
    $44.00 Hamlet 1/8" Parting Tool HANDLED
    Hamlet 1/8" wide parting tool with handle.  Overall length is 16" with the blade length of 6".  Made by Hamlet of Sheffield England from M2 high speed steel.

  • Hamlet 1/16" wide parting tool
    $39.00 Hamlet 1/16" Parting Tool HANDLED IN STOCK AGAIN
    A very narrow parting tool when there is a necessity to get in to tight places.  Only 1/16" wide, 1 1/4" and across the blade and approximately  9"  long.  Made by Hamlet of Sheffield England from M2 high...

  • 1/2" wide heavy duty scraper HANDLED
    $66.00 Hamlet 1/2" heavy duty scraper (Alan's box scraper) HANDLED
    This is a wonderful scraper for hollowing end-grain work, especially when doing such items as lidded box, goblets, scoops and smaller end-grain bowls. It is 1/2" wide, 3/8" thick and approximately 20" in length  (which...

  • 1 1/4" wide bowl scraper HANDLED
    $84.00 Hamlet 1 1/4" Heavy Duty Bowl Scraper HANDLED
    This is the bowl scraper preferred by Alan for its weight and grind.  It is a side radius grind and is made from 5/16" thick  and 1 1/4" wide M2 high speed steel.  This is the handled version, using European...

  • Bottle Stopper Mandrel and Drawbar
    $29.95 Bottle Stopper Mandrel and drawbar
    This is a screw chuck/mandrel #2 morse taper with drawbar for turning bottle stoppers.  The thread size is 3/8 x 16 tpi and matches the threads on my bottle stoppers also listed on this site.  This also...

  • Bottle Stoppers by Mary Lacer
    $8.95 Choose Options Bottle Stoppers by Mary Lacer
    These bottle stoppers are designed by Mary Lacer and made in Wisconsin.  They have an aluminum base with FDA nitrite o-rings and are powder coated available in 4 colors - candy apple red, sapphire blue, gold and...

  • Henry Taylor SuperFlute Bowl Gouge with handle
    $108.00 SuperFlute Bowl Gouge by Henry Taylor IN STOCK AGAIN
    This is the bowl gouge that changed the face of contemporary bowl turning.  Introduced by Henry Taylor Tools of Sheffield  (now combined with Hamlet Tools) in 1978 it was the first gouge that became known as a...

  • Hamlet/Henry Taylor Little Sister Hollowing Tool
    $85.00 Hamlet Little Sister Hollowing Tool OUT OF STOCK
    This is a wonderful tool for smaller hollowing operations.  It is primarily a tool for end-grain hollowing with such projects as lidded boxes, goblets, smaller end-grain bowls and vessels.   It has a limiter...

  • Oneway Talon Chuck BODY only with insert
    $168.00 $162.00 Choose Options Oneway Talon Chuck BODY ONLY with insert
    This is the versatile Oneway Talon chuck body only but with threaded insert.   This allows you to use different jaws without changing jaws or buying a complete extra chuck. What is missing:  the worm screw...

  • Oneway Stronghold Chuck BODY ONLY with insert
    $215.00 $208.00 Choose Options Oneway Stronghold Chuck BODY ONLY WITH insert
    One of the very best chucks on the market today is the Oneway Stronghold.  This chuck revolutionized woodturner's chucks by using a key rather than two bars, an interchangeable insert (to use on different lathes, rather...

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